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Monday, October 4, 2010

Went on a day trip

We went on a day trip recently with the kids and my mom.  We headed to North Hadley Sugar Shack and then on to Mt. Sugarloaf in Sunderland, Ma.

This was one of the sweet goats I got to pet.

I love this...those are big scarecrows and they were on the road for all to see.

My son on the lookout tower on Mt. Sugarloaf

The Connecticut river and the farmlands below...this was a zoom photo.

Me and hubby on the Mountain

Ariel, Karen, Michaella and Nathanael Lopez

My Mama...being a silly model!  She is a pretty woman for 82 years old!

  After that we headed to the Quabbin Reservoir, it was a beautiful day to be outside and enjoying nature at it's finest.

We had a really nice day, fun and relaxing!  Arrived home to a beautiful sunset tired but refreshed.

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A shop visitor...

A shop visitor...
This is the lil katydid that was visiting me one evening as I worked on the computer after hours. He was clicking and then making his calling noise. I will try to post that for you as well. He seemed to be rather friendly and wanted to be close to me overlooking what I was up to. When my husband came in and I pointed him out he seemed to be a bit agitated and started diving from here to there. It was a bit creepy at that point but it was also fun to have him here.

What are those gloves saying...

What are those gloves saying...
This is how my hubby dries his work gloves!!! I think it is so cool...and funny. They always end up in different formations...pointing to the sky or saying "rock on" or I love you in sign language!